Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gentlemen! I have built, THIS THING! Guardian Mech

I know it's two days late but, I had reasons. I was just going to show you a heavily modified Magma Mech from the Power Miners line (readers from Sydlexia may remember me posting crappy pictures of it there way back when.) After digging it out and looking it over however, I felt the urge to tweak it a little. Said tweaks turned into hours of rebuilding basically from the ground up and I had to give it a rest when it was one thirty Wednesday morning and I had to work at ten. So after work, I snagged a Ninjago Fangpyre Mech mainly for arm joints and went back to work. After building the Fangpyre Mech and studying some of the new joints they had incorporated, I had to scrap half of what I built to add a waist joint and other bits. However, the final result scares even me...

Here it is, the Guardian Mine Defense Mech! I was thinking that this is what the miners use as security patrols, seeing as their primary antagonists seem to be giant lava monsters. Inspiration for the design clearly goes to Battletech mechs and ED-209 from Robocop.

The right arm has a twin-barreled grenade launcher with an under-slung rocket tube assembly

The left arm combines two long-range, armor-piercing cannons with a flamethrower nestled between them, note the drum fuel tanks.

Articulation is pretty good since I cannibalized every decent joint I had. The waist turns freely, the arms have ball joints at the shoulder and "wrist" and the legs have ratcheting hips and ball joint knees and ankles.

A view of the back section. The cylindrical section the hoses are connected to is part of the power core. The box below the "15" is actually a supply crate for field kit. There is also a shovel pegged to one side of it and a pick on the other. I liked the idea of the pilot having all the gear he might need strapped to the mech, like modern tanks have trench shovels and whatnot.

And what life saving gear is he carrying you ask? Why, a frying pan and a sausage of course!

Shot of the cockpit open and the brave pilot. The clear bits behind his head are supposed to be cabin lights and an alarm light, respectively.

Cockpit shot with pilot and canopy removed so you can see what he's got to work with. There are two control sticks and a holographic display, as well as binoculars and a rifle clipped next to his seat so he's prepared for anything. Anything that doesn't require a sausage at least...

Finally, our hero makes camp in the shadow of his machine. Still, even cooking dinner requires vigilance...

There you go folks, sorry I was late on posting this week, but I hope you feel it was worth the wait. I sure do!

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