Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lego Mini Figures Series 7 Galaxy Patrol

No Gentlemen! I have built, THIS THING! this week because I've been busy and I'm low on good parts not already in things I've built. But I do have some Lego goodness for you anyways, in the form of the Galaxy Patrol mini figure!

Blind packaged mini and trading figures are nothing new in Japan, but only recently have any American companies started using that angle. Mega Bloks has blind packaged Marvel and Halo figures, Hasbro brought up memories of Monster in My Pocket in their Handful of Heroes packaging with a hidden secret figure and for the last few years, Lego has been releasing waves of blind bagged mini figures available in no other sets. This guy is from series seven and seems to merge the current Space Police line with Classic Space.

He has new pieces in the form of a really nice chest and shoulder armor piece and helmet, his gun is recycled and his main body is obviously a standard Lego body. In a nice touch, his shoulder pads have the Classic Space logo on them that makes me remember to way, way, back.

The armor has a connection point on the front and one on the backpack, as well as two downward pointing "rockets" that other pieces can attach to. Though I don't see you adding much to this guy's armor without making it really bulky and weird looking. The black bar he's standing on is the standard base that accompanies each figure in this line.

His body underneath the armor has a lot of really detailed tampographing, including overlapping plates of armor, a collar piece, pouches on his thighs, and his name, "Luiz", on the left breast of his armor. His head has two sides, the one shown here is scruffy and has a cybernetic eyepiece. Actually, if they made a Lego Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series, this is probably pretty close to how he would look.

His other face is made solely to be used with his helmet on, which is why I show you a picture with it off. Most of this face is orange to simulate a visor covering his face with the helmet on, which is a clever alternative to using an actual separate piece of translucent plastic. There are a lot of white details indicating distance increments and other readouts projected to his "visor" and he retains his five o'clock shadow. In a nice detail, the eye not using the targeting crosshair is squinting slightly.

Overall, a really cool figure and definitely worth the $2.97 asking price. Since the series is blind bagged, you obviously can't just grab one at a glance, but as his gear is some of the bulkiest in this wave, feeling the bags a bit might help you out. If you don't mind being seen fondling Lego bags in the aisles of Walmart. I didn't. Hell, this guy is so sweet, I might do it a few more times!

Finally, here's a scan of the poster that comes packaged with each figure, showing everyone else in this wave. There are some really awesome ones in here besides the Galaxy Patrol officer, including a hippie, Poseidon, an evil knight, an Evel Knievel alike, and a Scotsman (!) with a kilt (!!) AND bagpipes! (!!!) It's worth hunting them down just for the Scotsman. LEGO BAGPIPES!

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