Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gentlemen! I have built, THIS THING! The Dogfish

It's Tuesday, let's make this a semi-regular thing! Without further ado, I give you the Dogfish Submarine.

This one has actually been built for quite some time and gathering dust, but better camera means showing off things I couldn't really before! This is meant to be a mid-size patrol and pursuit sub to help defend dig sites. That's what Atlantis divers are doing down there, right? Anyways.

Cockpit detail! One of the first things I tried to do when I started building this was to use the two ovoid green window pieces I had as "eyes" on a larger craft. As I built, the sub started becoming long and streamlined and the overall shape reminded me of the dogfish family of sharks which is how it got the name. Seems to be a trend in my naming of sea going vessels I build. Oh well, I promise I'll be more imaginative in naming when I'm not building fish subs.

And opened up. The two "eyes" swing outwards and the ridge of the "skull" lifts up, though it's sort of cut off in this picture. The pectoral fins are on ball joints so they can lie flat for docking. This diver is from the Wreck Raider set and is clearly the coolest because he has both an eye patch and a beard.

Here's a longer shot showing the cockpit open and the top ridge I mentioned. The fan turbines towards the rear rotate and the tail flukes can pivot up and down a bit as well as the aforementioned ball jointed pectoral fins. Looking at this one compared to the Stone Fish, I feel like there's no way the Dogfish could catch it. I suppose that's the point of the two ships designs though; the Dogfish is designed to chase for short distances and ward off with its weaponry while the Stone Fish is built for speed, speed and speed and would only need light weaponry to attack cargo subs or what have you.

Really, all that boils down to is that I spent more time and effort on the Stone Fish's engines...

Some engine and undercarriage detail. In theory, other divers could cling to those outer cages on the sides and get ferried from place to place as well as stow supplies in there. In fact, nothing really fits in there but guys can cling to the cages.

And to be thorough, an underside shot. Obviously, this submarine was built primarily with Atlantis sets. Specifically, Wreck Raider, Guardian of the Deep, Typhoon Turbo Sub and Seabed Scavenger. As usual, there may also be a few Space Police or Power Miners parts in there, but who can say really.
Well, that's it for the second installment of Gentlemen! I have built, THIS THING! I have one more thing already constructed I can show you next week, but after that I'll need to get busy on building something new. Tune in and see what the future holds!

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