Thursday, January 19, 2012

Until I get my act together...

I'm in the process of finding a decent digital camera, either bought from a friend or via tax return, and another friend says he can get me publicity once I'm up and running. So hopefully I soon have actual content! Until then, let me point you to a few sites I read regularly and which inspired my own blog here:

16bit - This was one of the first sites I found that had general, all around toy news as well as reviews. Adam consistently posts new material and does a figure review daily, as well as linking to the Figure of the Day review on the Star Wars themed site he also works on, Galactic Hunter (which you should also check out.)

Battle Grip- Another fantastic site for news and reviews concerning toys from the big companies, toys from the independent artists, Japanese vinyl, and more. Phil is a nice guy who puts up with me bothering him in the comments sections of his articles a lot and finds interesting tidbits from all over to share with the rest of us.

Collection DX - A great site with a lot of contributors, you can find reviews for a lot of the really awesome, expensive Japanese toys you can never afford here. Chogokin, Gokin and Valkyries abound and the frequent podcasts will keep you busy in between reading reviews.

Onell Design - Not in the exact same vein as the others I've mentioned, Onell Design is a small group of folks (led by Matt Doughty) who have produced a really amazing and yet wonderfully simplistic construction system using male/female connection points that lets you pop apart (almost) any figure they sell down to it's components and rebuild them any way you choose. I'm not doing them credit with my description and you better believe that when I get a camera, you will be seeing Glyos on here A LOT.

Callgrim - Another artist who works with the Onell crew, Jesse does a lot of custom painting on his pieces which adds an incredible layer of detail and life to his works, he even uses real cloth scarves on some guys! Cloth scarves he cuts himself for figures roughly two inches tall! That's dedication!

So there you have it, a few of my inspirations and mentors, even if they aren't directly aware of that fact! Stay tuned to see if I have what it takes to run with the big dogs of the collecting scene!

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