Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well hello there...

Hello to the five people who will find this!

My name is Black Zarak (well, not really) and this is something I've been meaning to think about starting to do for a long time. I read a bunch of bloggish sites and sometimes think "Why not me too?" Usually, the answer is "Because your camera sucks and it's vital to what you intend to do." But today marks my first step in trying anyway! So, welcome to Zarak's Barracks where ideally I will be raving incoherently about whatever has currently caught my eye and possibly some stuff about what I as a terrible artist am doing personally. I want to do toy reviews fairly frequently if I can though you will have to bear with my photography. My aspiration is greatness along the lines of 16bit and Battle Grip (both of whom I highly recommend visiting) but we'll see.

Also, my experience with web design in the past was a brief brush with Dreamweaver like six years ago so this should be fun...

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  1. I've just started blogging too. though, my blogs so far are incoherent(me too!) and sometimes perverted. :)