Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shock Force vs. Experimental Mechanics Division

My package from Onell Design came today! Well technically it came yesterday, but living in an apartment building with a mail drop box means Delivery Confirmation items need to picked up. Anyways, I'm pretty pumped as this was the first time I managed to snag a Rig and also my first Gobons!

The metallic purple of the Shock Force and the safety orange of the EMD Gylans are both great color schemes but I have to say I'm blown away by the Shock Force colors in person. The metallic purple has a great swirl patterning in the plastic and all the panel lines are painted in a slightly darker purple that just appears black at a distance but adds a whole level of detail up close. Being an homage to Shockwave from The Transformers, the Shock Force figures are solely that metallic purple with their eyes, visors, optics, etc colored a pale yellow just like Shockwave's Cyclopic eye. I already wish I had bought more than two Shock Force Gobons because they are by far my favorite from this wave. Argen MK VI is the standard Buildman body you're used to, but the colors look fantastic on him and the chest tampo is nice.

The Rig is fun and funky; this is only really the third vinyl toy in my collection, the others being an MF DOOM figure and an Ultraman Kaiju so I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm pleased. It's sturdy, well sculpted, excellently painted and able to be a dozen different ships or powered armors depending on how you look at it. Looking it over, I can see the points where Matt cuts away to allow more pieces to attach in custom designs and it makes me want to grab a Block or two next time they hit.

Cane and the EMD Operators are nothing new to me mold wise since I have a Spectre Gylan from a previous wave, but they still look awesome and more flat black parts are always welcome in my collection.

As usual, the good folks at Onell included bonus items! This time, a baggie with three different Govurom heads in colors that I don't think have had commercial releases; An EMD orange one, a Shock Force purple one and a plain ol' clear one! Nifty. Onell is good like that. Despite taking what I imagine is a huge hit in pricing their stuff so low, they have always included something free and special with my orders and I know others get the same treatment.

Overall, even though I netted a respectable haul from this drop, I wish I had gotten more. If I had had more cash at the time and the site hadn't been on the verge of crashing, I definitely would have liked to grab Axis joints in both color ways, some EMD Gobon Blasters/Phase Arms (I grabbed two Shock Force ones, but missed EMD, d'oh!), Phaseon Revolutionaries, Rynevo Pheyden and at least one more Gobon.

The two distinct color schemes are great and I cannot wait to rip them apart and mix some glow in the dark with the Shock Force purple and some black with the EMD orange. I especially can't wait to replace one of Gobon's hands with the clear purple Gobon Blaster I have. Then he'll really be Shock Force...

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