Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back this Kickstarter: Lost Protectors

Just wanted to throw this out to the three of you still reading. I've been watching the Kickstarter for a line called The Lost Protectors by a group known as Play With This Too. Essentially modern takes on the classic Pretenders of Transformers, Lost Protectors is a line of six inch scale, fully articulated figures based on Generation One Pretenders (and a whole boatload of new designs) with smaller tech drones that resemble the inner robots. Now, the tech drones don't fit in the larger figures like Pretenders, but they do break down into weapons and armor for the larger figures. On top of that, the six inch figures pop apart at the joints and can be mixed and matched to your heart's content. The whole idea is amazingly cool and the painted prototype of their first figure, Desolataur (a new take on Skullgrin) looks AMAZING.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter has only three days left and they are still roughly $17,000 below their goal. That's a real bummer as, like I said, the line is amazing. So I'm calling on all of you out there to pledge if you are able, even if it's just a few bucks. Every little bit helps and we're coming down to the wire. If this project goes through, I promise I'll review Desolataur as soon as I have him in hand. If you won't contribute for your own sake, do it for the Zarak! Look at my face, do you want to see it crying when this doesn't go through? Do you want to live with the guilt? CAN you live with it? Pledge the hell out of this Kickstarter.

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