Monday, May 21, 2012

Transformers Cyberverse Soundwave

One of the last Cyberverse Legion class figures released under the Dark of the Moon banner, Soundwave has recently been repainted with a darker color scheme and added weapon holes for the current wave of Legion figures. The treatment of Soundwave in the live action movies has been...unfortunate to say the least. Therefore, let's pretend this is a version of the G1 character and not the satellite rapist who gets killed because the writers needed to show how bad-ass Bumblebee is.

Cast primarily in black plastic, Soundwave also sports a purple nearly as dark as the black, silver on his shins and face and teal on the edges of the "speaker" details on his forearms. His mug is well sculpted, though it is in the style of the standard Bay-verse "face composed of a million tiny panels" Transformers. His tiny eyes are bright red and a small purple Decepticon symbol is tampoed on his right shoulder.

Soundwave's articulation consists of ball jointed shoulders and hips and the ability to splay his legs slightly at the knee due to the transformation. This doesn't allow for a lot of dynamic poses, but it's pretty standard for figures of this size class and isn't a huge deal. Soundwave comes with the weapon of the Legion class Vehicon in the same wave with no changes made to it. The weapon is a blaster with a blade mounted on one side of the barrel like a bayonet and is the same translucent purple plastic of all the Decepticon Legion figures in this wave. The weapon can either be held like a rifle or vertically like a sword due to a post at the end. It also features a post hole on one side, allowing for more custom creations using additional weapons.

Like in the movie, Soundwave transforms into a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, complete with tiny hood ornament. Usually I find it a little odd when Soundwave takes a wheeled vehicle as an alternate mode as it just doesn't seem to fit his character of espionage expert that well, but Soundwave looks pretty slick as a low, sleek sports car.

Soundwave's weapon can be mounted on the roof or either door of the car, though the blade can drag on the ground a little if put on the right side. The wheels spin freely and the vehicle has plenty of clearance off the road.

Legion Soundwave can be found right now at most stores for around five dollars and is worth it if you liked Transformers minibots as a kid or want some small, portable and cheap fun for your own children.

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