Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NiStuff's Glow Outer Anomalies

NiStuff first came to my attention through a post on Onell Design's blog and I really liked the look of a few of the small PVC figures he sculpted and sold in the website's store section. But I forgot to bookmark the site and then forgot what site I had seen the blog post on! A few months pass and Onell posts another entry about the newest wave of the very same sculpts I had been intrigued by before and they were GLOW IN THE DARK. Needless to say, this time I bookmarked immediately and placed an order when I had some cash. So today I bring you NiStuff's Glow Outer Anomalies!

Sold in a set of three, you get (from left to right) the Ancient Astronaut, the SEG and the Slir. I don't know a whole lot about the universe these fellows live in, but from what I've gleaned, the Ancient Astronaut is just what he sounds like, the SEG is a swarm of microbots and the Slir is an intelligent plant mass. Regardless of back story, they all look awesome. Each figure has an insanely-detailed-for-the-size sculpt with a distinct pattern to each character's "skin" that sets them apart from each other.

The Ancient Astronaut stands about two inches tall and is covered with an irregular, pebbly texture with larger plates around his (it's?) arms and a single large eye or perhaps helmet visor in the center of the face.

I think the Astronaut is my favorite of the three, he has a great 50's sci-fi monster vibe.

The SEG towers above the other two at a whopping two and a half inches and is patterned with billions and billions of tiny squares, which makes sense as he's constructed of billions and billions of tiny robots. The SEG is tall and lean with spiked arms and tree trunk legs.

Detail is hard to catch with the glow in the dark plastic, but believe me, these guys are incredibly detailed, even the bottoms of their feet are sculpted!

The Slir matches the Ancient Astronaut at two inches tall and is sculpted to look like masses of vines twisted and grown together. When I first saw this guy, I thought maybe he was a colony of leech-like creatures that sometimes pop up in fiction, but shambling vegetable man works too. In a neat bit of sculpting, the Slir's arms end in a few loose swinging vine tips.

These outsiders don't have any articulation, but that honestly does not bother me in the least. I bought them because they are funky, fun sculpts that remind me of past pocket figures like the infamous Monster In My Pocket line. The fact that they glow is just icing on the cake. Speaking of...

The glowing aspect is where the Outer Anomalies really shine, literally. I'm not sure what they're doing at the Ni studios, but these guys are bright, just holding them cupped in your hand is enough to get them glowing.

Space Ghost?

The Outer Anomalies look even better under a black light, hence why I ended up with about thirty pictures of these three just in said black lighting.

The Glow Outer Anomalies are currently available on NiStuff in a three pack for six bucks, as well as three different sculpts known as the Terrestrial Anomalies who are more robotic in appearance than the Outers. Beyond that, there "metal" silver versions of both sets and about a billion ridiculously awesome custom paint job versions of the six molds. And a ton of custom dyed and air brushed Glyos builds. And his own custom cast Glyos compatible heads. And...look, the guy is prolific, OK? Just browse the store and sold out sections and prepare to have your jaw drop. It is very affordable in most cases as there are several three figure bundles including the ones previously mentioned for only six dollars. And while six to ten dollars might seem steep for one of the airbrushed and/or gloss coated figures, I still plan on buying at least a couple without any regrets, those Voss Dyed Anomalies are just too slick to pass up.

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