Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Midnight Air Raid Captain America

As I stated in my Dark Threat review, comic movie toy lines tend to go overboard with mission specific suits and wacky accessories. To make a few extra bucks, companies turn out figures like Arctic Armor Batman, Anti-Kryptonite Superman and Hydro-Disc Spider-Man. With characters like Batman and Iron Man, it makes sense to a degree, as the vast fortunes of their alter egos would allow them to waste millions on Neon Jungle Tracker Armor they would only use once. Captain America however is not one of those characters.

This figure depicts the thrilling scene in the movie where Cap flies a jet pack into Hydra headquarters and shoots up a ton of henchmen with giant machine guns. If you don't remember that scene, it's because it never happened. Midnight Air Raid Captain America is from the same Deluxe Mission sub line as Dark Threat, but because Cap isn't really known for costume variants, this one has a giant jet pack and rifles not present in the movie.

The Cap figure himself is pretty simple; As a pack-in, he loses a few points of articulation like ankles and waist, but can still get into a few poses. Articulation he does have includes hinge knees and elbows, swivel wrists, swivel thigh cuts, ball and hinge shoulders, elbows and hips and a head that might be on a ball joint but is placed so low you can't tell. Colors are red, white and blue as Cap insists on dressing like an American flag and sculpt detail isn't too bad, his armor especially has some nice scale-mail pattern to it.

Unfortunately, like Dark Threat, Cap has some paint issues. As you can see here, the paint on his arms is a bit sloppy, leading to the white paint of his sleeves not quite extending to the edges of the gloves like they should. Additionally, both the center stripe on his chest and the center stripe on his back have too much red slopped on, giving those stripes a thicker, darker appearance that stands out.

The jet pack, while silly in concept, is nicely detailed with large turbines and red and white striped missiles attached to the undersides of the wings. The backs of the wings also have peg holes to hold the twin rifles Cap also comes with. The "shield" on the jet pack is actually a launching disc that flies a decent distance when you push the tab below it.

Cap pegs into the jet pack via a hole in his back, the harness section slipping over his chest and snapping into the main piece via two clips on the shoulder straps. Midnight Raid Cap also comes with the two giant gray rifles seen here. These seem a bit out of character for Steve Rogers, even if he does use a pistol briefly in the movie. I kind of wish they had released him with his iconic shield instead.

At twelve to fourteen bucks when new, I could not really suggest this guy. Sloppy paint and limited articulation are two strikes against him and a cool (if silly) accessory doesn't really help in my opinion. Really, I bought this guy mainly because I wanted a more articulated Cap to pilot the Stark Tech Captain America Assault Armor and because I thought the second firing disc shown in the package was a shield accessory. I was to be disappointed on both accounts. Though basically free since when I bought him and Dark Threat, the cashier failed to ring one of them up, I'm still not sure if he was worth it at that price. This exact same figure with the exact same accessories and a slightly different paint job was released as Air Assault Glider Captain America in the Deluxe Missions line if you prefer slightly darker, dirtier colors on your Cap.

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