Monday, April 30, 2012

Transformers Cyberverse Breakdown

Normally I don't go for the smaller price point of Transformers, but this current wave of Legion class figures just grabbed me for some reason. Probably the fact that the wave is mostly Decepticons and an obscure Autobot we probably won't be seeing in the states again any time soon. So continuing the Cyberverse reviews, here's Legion class Breakdown!

Breakdown is a large, burly Decepticon that has a rivalry with Autobot bruiser, Bulkhead. Though Bulkhead is a Commander class and Breakdown is only a Legion, he is still a beefy figure for his size with broad shoulders and chest and hulking gorilla arms. Breakdown is mostly navy blue, darker than he appears in my pictures, with black and silver adding detail in the body. A small, light purple Decepticon insignia is centered on his chest and his scowling faceplate is painted bright orange with yellow eyes and a silver crest on his brow.

Articulation, as with most Legion figures, is limited but not terribly so. Breakdown has ball jointed shoulders and hips, hinged elbows that unfortunately only bend inwards and knees that only bend backward. OK reading that, it doesn't sound great, but I swear it's not bad. He can aim his weapon or swing a blade and he can make some interesting poses if you're clever (lord knows I like to think I am.) His weapon is a translucent purple cannon with some nice sculpted detail including a sight and lots of ridges along the length of the barrel, giving it a futuristic heavy machine gun look.

Since his weapon has a handle at the back in addition to the pistol style one, Breakdown can also hold it like a sword. The ridged barrel now gives it the look of a chainsaw sword and the barrel tip is pointed enough to support the image. Held sword like, it actually reminds me a lot of the mini chainsaw from the first Dead Rising game, though I think I'd still be more scared of Adam than Breakdown.

Breakdown's vehicle mode is large, heavy SUV/van combination. Though I don't think it's based off of any particular real world vehicle, it looks like the bastard child of an armored car and a Land Rover with an extremely high body, huge tires and the look of armor plating covering every inch. The vehicle mode matches his personality perfectly, you can easily imagine him ramming unsuspecting Autobots off the road and then transforming to finish the job with his chainsaw sword.

His weapon can peg into either on the two holes on the roof of the van, or into the spare tire mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Though it looks kind of silly there.

"There is no escape Autobot..."

This picture shows what I meant when I mentioned in Evac's review that the weapons in this line can combine to make larger ones. Here, Breakdown wields a giant sword composed of his weapon with a blade from Soundwave and a Vehicon attached to either side.

In the end, Breakdown is pretty decent. If lack of articulation bothers you, he might not be up your alley, but as a Decepticon skull-buster, he works well. He is one of the larger Legion figures currently available (I thought he was a Commander initially when pictures of him first started showing up) and for around six bucks, isn't a bad deal. I like the added play value of his weapon serving a dual purpose and I just really like the character design. I can't remember if Breakdown is slated for a larger class release down the road, but I certainly hope so.

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