Monday, March 19, 2012

Glyos Shock Force Renegades

OK, so no in-depth on the Predacons yet. Instead, enjoy some pictures I took while playing around with my new camera and rearranging my shelves. These are all things I built back when the Shock Force wave of Glyos hit at Onell Design's site and didn't have a camera good enough to take pictures of them with. I'll do another post at some point of the guys I built from the Experimental Mechanics Division portion of my order later, but for now, here are the Shock Force Renegades!

...and an unrelated energy parasite.

I love this guy, he has such a great giant city smashing robot vibe. I had never purchased Gobons before but they make for some bulky robot builds that can be pretty cool looking.

 Shock Force Pheyden?

 The Shock Force purple looks really nice blended with black and GiTD green pieces, as seen here.

A bot with comically over sized mitts and an anger issue and a tubby bounty hunter bot, this fall on Fox!

Energy parasite, it's sapping the lines!


That's it for now, thanks for stopping by folks.

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